Increasing Accessibility for Young Voters
Civic Education Tutoring and After-School Programs:

Part of our “by the youth for the youth” mission centers on the notion of college students tutoring high school or junior high school students.  SAVE plans to launch local and national tutoring programs that focus specifically on the duty of a citizen, voting rights, civic engagement, civic charity, philanthropy, political issues awareness, and the inner and outer workings of a democracy.  We will join with existing after school programs in our chapter areas as well as develop our own to implement such a curriculum.  If older kids teach younger kids civic values, academic studies (and common sense) prove their learning experience will be more valuable and inspirational than if teachers and parents instructed them.  Our tutoring programs will build on the premise that young people are stepping up to the plate and taking control of fellow young people, rather than relying on outside sources to change their environment.
Chapters Hold  Bipartisan Issue Forums:

Part of a commitment to voter education necessitates a true devotion to learning the issues. We will require our chapters to hold issue forums that educate voters on where candidates, young people, and community leaders stand on national and state issues. SAVE’s national organization has already joined with the United States Association of Former Members of Congress to send bipartisan speakers to our chapters, as well as hold political dialogues on the national and televised level. Politicians need to learn what issues are important to their young constituents, and young constituents need to learn that their politicians are accessible and listening.
Poll Worker Programs:

The average age of a poll worker in this country is well over 60.  In many locations, it is over 70.  SAVE plans to launch its own youth poll worker program, where young people can take charge of elections as administrators, poll workers, and volunteers on Election Day.  We will collaborate with board of elections offices at the chapter level and have already met with the Election Assistance Commission to lead poll worker- training sessions.  SAVE hopes to make sure its members are working on Election Day, managing election law and fair voting practices.  Luckily, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) set aside some funds for promoting poll-worker education.
News & Events
SAVE is non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)3 organization registered in Washington D.C.

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