Student Association for Voter Empowerment
SAVE Board of Directors
* The Honorable Lee Hamilton, Former United States Congressman (IN-9)
* The Honorable Malcolm Wallop, Former United States Senator (WY)
* The Honorable John Edward Porter, Former United States Congressman (IL, 10)
* The Honorable Matthew McHugh, Former United States Congressman (NY, 28)
* The Honorable Jeri Thomson, Former Secretary of the United States Senate
* Eleanor Clift, Editor, Newsweek Magazine; Political Contributor, MSNBC
* The Honorable Sharon Pratt, Former Mayor (District of Columbia)
* The Honorable James Blanchard, Former Governor (MI)
* Beatrice Cumming Mayer, Trustee, Sarah Lee Corporation
* Hilary Shelton, Director and Chief Lobbyist, NAACP Washington Bureau
National Staff
Matthew Segal
Matthew Segal : Executive Director
Matthew Segal is a graduate of Kenyon College and the founder and executive director of the Student Association for Voter Empowerment (SAVE). He is also a senior fellow and the national democracy coordinator at the Roosevelt Institution, the nation’s first student think-tank.
Anna Salzberg : Director of Operations
Anna Salzberg is a senior at Kenyon College, and is a founding member and the Director of Operations at SAVE. She is also a junior associate at the Kenyon Review and is an honors English major.
Anna Salzberg
Charlie Bittermann
Charlie Bittermann : Director of Outreach
Charlie Bittermann is a rising sophomore at Kenyon College and the Director of Outreach at SAVE. He is also an author and contributer to the Roosevelt Institution, the nation’s first student think-tank.
Chris Dhanaraj : Director of Communication
Chris Dhanaraj is a rising sophomore at Indiana University and the Director of Communication at SAVE. He is currently a Direct Admit in the Kelley School of Business, with the over-arching goal of double majoring in Management and Political Science.
Chris Dhanaraj
Noelle Petrillo
Noelle Petrillo : Director of Public Relations
Noelle Petrillo, the Director of Public Relations at SAVE is currently a junior at Boston College majoring in Communications with a Pre-Law concentration. Petrillo has worked for CBS 4 News in Boston as well as writen for her local newspaper The Andover Townsman
Molly Masenga : Legislative Director
Molly Masenga began working with SAVE as Legislative Director in 2008. She is a senior at Georgetown University, majoring in Classics with the intent of attending Law School. Molly has worked with Anschutz Entertainment Group in Los Angeles as well as the Warner Music Group in New York.
Molly Masenga