Increasing Accessibility for Young Voters
It Can Be Easier to Register to Vote
In a typical election, voter turnout in the United States is around 50-60% among eligible voters, one of the lowest rates among the world’s democracies. Among voters ages 18-29, the turnout in 2006 was just 22%. It seems the general assumption that young people are less engaged than their elders is true, at least as far as election numbers go. Ask anybody on the street and they can give you an explanation for why this is so. Many will operate under the assumption that people have to be engaged to vote, and many Americans – particularly younger ones – simply are not engaged in the political process. This is true, but it might not tell the whole story. If you are engaged in politics, you are probably more likely to vote, but then again, if you are registered to vote, wouldn’t you be more motivated to get engaged?
Posted by Karl Blomberg
July 16th, 2007 12:11 p.m.
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