Student Association for Voter Empowerment
Voter ID
With a constituency of 44 million people (ages 18-29) or approximately 20
percent of the voting eligible population, young voters have the capacity
to impact every single election and deliver victory to almost any
candidate within our country. Yet 19 percent of this same constituency
report they do not currently possess a government issued photo ID. The
substitutions for a photo ID are also not easily obtainable because
colleges and universities generally pay utility and other bills for
students that live in dormitories. Unless students are to change their
out-of state drivers licenses or residency entirely, many young voters
will be forced to vote absentee or provisionally, lowering voter efficacy
and making the registration process more bureaucratic, time-consuming, and
cumbersome. Changing state residency can also create complications for
out-of-state students on certain scholarship guidelines or financial aid

SAVE has emerged as a national leader among non-profit organizations that protect voting rights. SAVE Chapters record, report, and organize public awareness campaigns around young voter ballot access and work to strike down deceptive voting practices, antiquated registration barriers, and Election Day irregularities.
Young Americans are disproportionately affected by registration deadlines because, as a whole, they are more geographically mobile than older age groups. Same day voter registration removes this participation barrier by allowing citizens to register in their district the day of the election. Safeguards exist to prevent voter fraud and ensure election integrity. SAVE chapters form statewide campaigns to promote same day voter registration, which also allows young people to harness the momentum that campaigns build as Election Day approaches.