Student Association for Voter Empowerment
Previous Events

july 25, 2008
Asserting Your Voice: News Media Forum
An interactive discussion featuring Thomas Friedman, Judy Woodruff, Joe Scarborough, David Broder, Mike McCurry, and 150 interns from across Washington D.C. The central question the panelists were asked to answer is: what can we as young voters do to make our voices heard, affirmed, and recognized in the journalistic community?

february 1, 2008
Roosevelt Institution Democracy Week Panel
A panel discussion that focused on the role of young adults in the 2008 election cycle. The panel featured SAVE Executive Director Matthew Segal and a collection of prominent election experts.

january 25, 2008
Town Hall Meeting with John Edwards
United States Senator John Edwards appeared in a Town Hall Meeting sponsored and moderated by S.A.V.E to speak on the importance of the young vote, civic education, among many other topics. This event marked the second of a series where S.A.V.E was hosting both the Democratic and Republican candidates

december 3, 2007
Town Hall with Joe Biden
This event was a town hall meeting sponsored and moderated by both S.A.V.E as well as the Roosevelt Institution. Senator Biden spoke on civic education, voter participation, campaign financing, as well as a multitude of other topics.

july 31, 2007
Town Hall Forum
The SAVE town hall forum consisted of a panel of current and former elected officials, with representation split between the Democratic and Republican parties. Moderated by SAVE staff members, the discussion revolved around formulating a bipartisan solution to the general problem of civic disengagement that faces today’s youth. The panel also addressed questions from the youth audience in any field the attendees wish to explore in order to show young people that legislators are accessible and interested.

july 25, 2007
Student-Led Hearing
This hearing was designed to create a cohesive report on the voting problems faced by students during the 2004-2006 elections. It was presided by a committee that included a few students, current and former members of congress, and leaders in academia as well as the non-profit sector. The event was designed to engage federal lawmakers and other prominent members of the academic community with student accounts of election violations in recent years.

july 24, 2007
Capital-Hill Reception
SAVE's first event, it was designed to introduce SAVE to various members of Congress and the public. Congresswoman Tubbs Jones spoke on the importance of civic education and introduced SAVE.